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It’s time – beyond time – to evaluate education in B.C.

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This article on CNN neatly sums up what I believe are some of the issues with the public education systems we have today.

“The problem is that educating young people is not like making motorcars — at all, " the author and educator said in a recent interview. "And one key difference is that motorcars have no interest in how they're made, and young people do."

Gary Mason of the Globe and Mail gives us this article on taking a look at educational reform in BC.

“Our students need to be highly creative, no rx strong communicators, pharm good problem solvers, informed decision-makers, and have well developed research and inquiry skills.”

Or this: “Learning for many students does not come from a textbook or from a classroom lecture. Hands on, self-directed but facilitated, problem-based learning is what truly engages our students. It inspires them to want to learn more. It sparks, motivates and feeds their imagination and creativity.”

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