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Jeffery Simpson on Education Policy

January 31st, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

In this article in the Globe and Mail, all manner of concerns regarding the Canadian Education System are addressed.

Excerpt from Jeffery Simpson:

"Regarding merit pay -- it's one of those non-debates that periodically flares; a non-debate because it ain't going to happen, given the fierce opposition of teachers unions. I think there's merit, if I can use that phrase, in top-up awards on a yearly basis, voted by teachers themselves or maybe students. But the unionized mentality of the teachers won't let it happen. Also, to be less pejorative, we dump many social and economic ills on schools and say: Fix Them. Kids from broken homes.."

I don't want to get too Globe & Mail centric by posting lots of articles... so within this article are many references to other articles on the subject if you feel like following a few links.

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